yellow brick

Well I, for one, had some weird dream elements last night. These three that I remember were part of the same sequence, I believe.

1. I was in a courtyard garden with my parents talking about how I find yellow brick buildings unattractive in general, and somehow a yellow brick was procured and I took it and scraped it against a rock buried in the garden to reveal brighter layers of color beneath — at first there was a saturated yellow-orange, then the colors progressed toward red and purple, at which point most of the brick was gone and only a flexible pad’s worth of it remained.

2. There was a set of connected high-ceilinged bathrooms with clerestory windows, very modernist with deep warm colors, and they seemed sort of more like a market gallery because clothes were being sold at a sink counter by a British-accented woman and there was a steady stream of passers-by.

3. There was some sort of fair, maybe, going on, and one thing there was a trebuchet whose mechanism was a complex array of long nails attached with elastics to a wooden beam structure in such a way that the nails worked as springs. The whole apparatus was covered by a sort of tent. It was pretty mean-looking.

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