I was drafting in AutoCAD (as I am wont to do IRL) and had drawn a circle and wanted to draw a line from a given point and tangent to the circle. I thought there were no object-snap grips that would allow me to do this easily, but when I moved the cursor near the right point, I discovered that there actually was a tangent grip! It was a solid diamond (probably serving as a metaphor of the magnitude of its value). I was pleased and told several people about this discovery over the course of the rest of the dreams.

At another point I and some friends and family were at a huge church-shaped building that was apparently not actually a church but maybe a hostel or dorm or something; anyway, it was in the woods, and it was enormous – the eave was at about the same height as the trees next to it. It looked a lot like College Avenue United Methodist Church, which I enjoy seeing every day on my commute IRL, but was way huger. Various things occurred there including my going outside from the front porch area in the evening to admire the positive space created by the exterior church walls and the neighboring trees.

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