Well I don’t remember too much but I do remember a metadream after I woke up earlyish and went back to bed that consisted of me waking up to find that my beard had pretty much gotten frictioned off by like the pillow fabric or something when I was asleep and now it looked like I had only a day’s worth of stubble or so. This was in some unfamiliar house. I went into a small north-facing kitchen (it was midafternoon) and tried to Google an answer to this unfortunate mystery, but didn’t find anything before I moved on to another dream scene. Luckily later I woke up foreal and immediately discovered that my beard was still there. All’s well that ends well in the realm of facial hair. “Beard” is really hard for me to type, it keeps coming out of my fingers as “bread.” (— not literally. My hand follicles do not exude bread. That would be kind of horrifying.)

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