Monthly Archives: February 2007

street café

TWO NIGHTS AGO I dreamt I was walking around in an old European city with lots of courtyards and other positive outdoor space on a pleasant mostly-overcast day and I happened upon a group of Williams friends sitting out at a street café, but then I noticed that at the adjacent tables were several groups of people I knew from middle & high school. Eventually they got up to leave.

LAST NIGHT I dreamt that I was at work and there was some mildly inclement weather passing through that I learned was a very thorough storm down in Rhode Island. Also later I was in some Boston neighborhood that looked quite rural and there was a school athletic field complex that I happened upon and discovered a bunch of WXC people getting ready to play soccer games there. It was a warm sunny late morning.

north sun

• I was at home in NH and we had a northwest extension of the property out to 137, as sometimes happens in my dreams, and I was looking out across the road to see what buildings I could see in the distance, which I had never done before for some reason, and there were lots and lots of houses just peeking out over trees or each other. Also the sun was getting later in the afternoon and it was already far up in the northwest even though it was several hours from setting still. As it got closer to setting it was really way north, and still very white, and I think I took a picture to record how north it was.

• I was at work and was assigned to make a SketchUp model of a crystal-looking house, which was part of a project that also included maybe another house, wooden, with a similar drastically simple outside shape (pitched roof but no eaves), and a garage that was a wide, sweeping lean-to. These were on a site that looked similar to the north lawn of my property, which featured in the previously mentioned segment above. Also there was a school for the blind just up the Bermuda-like north-south street from the office, which I realized when I walked by a whole group of blind people on the street at one point.

yellow brick

Well I, for one, had some weird dream elements last night. These three that I remember were part of the same sequence, I believe.

1. I was in a courtyard garden with my parents talking about how I find yellow brick buildings unattractive in general, and somehow a yellow brick was procured and I took it and scraped it against a rock buried in the garden to reveal brighter layers of color beneath — at first there was a saturated yellow-orange, then the colors progressed toward red and purple, at which point most of the brick was gone and only a flexible pad’s worth of it remained.

2. There was a set of connected high-ceilinged bathrooms with clerestory windows, very modernist with deep warm colors, and they seemed sort of more like a market gallery because clothes were being sold at a sink counter by a British-accented woman and there was a steady stream of passers-by.

3. There was some sort of fair, maybe, going on, and one thing there was a trebuchet whose mechanism was a complex array of long nails attached with elastics to a wooden beam structure in such a way that the nails worked as springs. The whole apparatus was covered by a sort of tent. It was pretty mean-looking.

cream-colored tiles

Well it is admittedly already 1/12th or more into tomorrow, but I will still blog about last night because I still remember a bit and it has been a few days. I was in the Hancock village store on a sunny midmorning and bought something and talked with the amicable quasi-elderly cashier, and then I exited onto the street, which ran northeast-southwest and was in fact equivalent to Tremont St, because just beyond store was the entrance to Park St Station and its connection to DTX, and the whole interior of the stations was not particularly subterranean but had some north-facing windows and was tiled on all surfaces (floor, walls, ceiling) with smallish (2″x2″?) cream-colored tiles, like some ginormous, unadorned pool locker room. Of course the concourse also sloped down toward Washington St as IRL. I was able to sort of translate quite quickly in sweeping curves up along the passages, but staying in a standing position, without moving my legs much at all. On reflection this was very similar to snowboarding motion. At this point I didn’t have my contacts in, so I had to be extra careful to watch for obstacles such as the teenage dude who was chilling on the middle of the floor, in addition to passers-by.


I was drafting in AutoCAD (as I am wont to do IRL) and had drawn a circle and wanted to draw a line from a given point and tangent to the circle. I thought there were no object-snap grips that would allow me to do this easily, but when I moved the cursor near the right point, I discovered that there actually was a tangent grip! It was a solid diamond (probably serving as a metaphor of the magnitude of its value). I was pleased and told several people about this discovery over the course of the rest of the dreams.

At another point I and some friends and family were at a huge church-shaped building that was apparently not actually a church but maybe a hostel or dorm or something; anyway, it was in the woods, and it was enormous – the eave was at about the same height as the trees next to it. It looked a lot like College Avenue United Methodist Church, which I enjoy seeing every day on my commute IRL, but was way huger. Various things occurred there including my going outside from the front porch area in the evening to admire the positive space created by the exterior church walls and the neighboring trees.


I seem to have dreamt about a number of animals. At one point I was in NH on my neighbor’s property on a gray semi-wintry day (but with early afternoon sun showing through a little) and several of us went into the barn, where there was a whole bunch of horses and also an owl. At another point I realized I had left my dove in a soft lunchbox all morning; she was fine when I opened the box, just soporific, since it had been all night-timey inside. (“It’s my dove in a box…”)

bus map

What I remember has to do with northern Greater Boston, centered on looking at a map of intersections that my brain based on the bus route map I was looking at before bed. There were a whole bunch of (close to the city) squares and (further out) intersections shown on the map and listed below it, with amenities at each intersection listed by their physical position relative to the center of the intersection – in particular, the four quadrants around an intersection were assigned letters of the alphabet, often E, F, G, and H, seemingly, I didn’t notice any A, B, C, D specifically – so for instance if there was a water pump in the back left (southwest) quadrant at the intersection of 28 and 16, it would be listed under E. (The amenities mostly consisted of water pumps.) I also traveled around in this area, which looked much more rural than it is IRL.


Well I don’t remember too much but I do remember a metadream after I woke up earlyish and went back to bed that consisted of me waking up to find that my beard had pretty much gotten frictioned off by like the pillow fabric or something when I was asleep and now it looked like I had only a day’s worth of stubble or so. This was in some unfamiliar house. I went into a small north-facing kitchen (it was midafternoon) and tried to Google an answer to this unfortunate mystery, but didn’t find anything before I moved on to another dream scene. Luckily later I woke up foreal and immediately discovered that my beard was still there. All’s well that ends well in the realm of facial hair. “Beard” is really hard for me to type, it keeps coming out of my fingers as “bread.” (— not literally. My hand follicles do not exude bread. That would be kind of horrifying.)