high school bus route

More walking around Boston in my brain last night, though this time with possibly a Western-tinged atmosphere or soundtrack that may have arisen from listening to Meat Puppets II and Western-tinged dance music yesterday. Another part though was that I discovered a bus route going to my high school that left at a reasonable time in the morning instead of 6:45, so I didn’t have to get up so bloody early, and so I started riding it every day. My brain reconciled this with the fact that I have been out of high school for five years by making up the narrative that I was auditing four classes there, just for self-edification. Good plausible save there, brain.


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    Oh. I’ve heard of the Mountain Meadow Massacre, actually, but I didn’t know it was called that. I know a different Mountain Meadow and I was a bit worried there for a second.

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