open-air library

Last night’s dreams were a jumble of:
– walking around Boston a lot and getting to different squares, including Porter, which was in Boston proper, inexplicably, and had the street geometry of RL Harvard Square.
– being in a windowless cabin with lots of lights inside, doing experiments with saving or wasting electricity (Will Ferrell, who was present, seemed wont to stick to the wasting-electricity side of the equation). Around this time I was also doing some drawing that was supposed to be a collaborative effort with kids, and one instruction said that if a child wanted a blue horse, not to draw the whole horse in extreme detail, just get the silhouette down in order to be able to continue with the game. I, however, drew about one and a half horses, using both sides of the paper (it was impossible to fit the larger horse on just one side).
– walking by an open-air library (i.e. furniture and stacks just out on a lawn) with one modern, white north-south building wall; it was also a cafeteria just beyond (the wall was east-west there), and I spotted and sat down with a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

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