I and a bunch of other people looked at a large 19th-century painting showing in the foreground an inlet of a dark, almost black sea, on a dark day, and there were a couple of fish in the water that were a translucent, bioluminescent white. I was amazed at how luminously they were depicted. A level of discourse dissolved and we were on a built shore bordering the inlet, and the glowing fishes drifted along right by. Then a glowing jellyfish floated by and clamped itself onto the leg of my shorts and I was like “aieee” but luckily it didn’t sting me or anything. A boisterous sea lion also made an appearance.

Later I was with my parents possibly at Spruce Ledge on a sunny midmorning walking west through a field bordered by woods, and there was a tree in the distance that reflected the sun really brightly and when I looked in the direction bisecting this reflection and the actual sun, it looked like stereo suns. But it wasn’t, even though I have dreamt about multiple suns in the sky on multiple occasions. After that we were in the backyard pulling down rotten trees.

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