At one point I was on the sunporch of my house in NH and a rainshower passed through going north with low fast-flying diffuse cloud strands, and the clouds gradually became golden and eventually I went out on the back porch and there was a strong, misty magenta light pervading. I took a number of pictures of it with my camera. A bunch of Wms friends were standing out in the garden admiring it. Later, I was riding in what seems to have been a large cast-iron sled during a backpacking trip with an intersecting but different Wms group, and we were sliding along a cliffside mountain trail on a sunny day, and eventually slanched down a rocky path and came to rest at a grassy campsite after catching big air above it.

Also there was a dog driving a car with another dog in it in a parking lot and I was also in the parking lot with maybe my dad and we saved the day and got the dog away from the steering wheel.

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