Lots of stuff last night, in particular lots of walking.
– I watched a clip of Jimi Hendrix sitting on the back of a car riding through a field playing his guitar; there was a monkey with him, and I think it was rainbow-colored. Eventually everyone & everything fell off the car and hilarity/destruction ensued.
– This turned into actually being in a field with a number of people including my parents and a lot of parked cars and having to get some large vehicles maneuvered through them, including possibly one with lots of cables? having to do with boats?
– My parents and I walked on a road to Antrim and then continued on a nice woods road/trail toward Keene on a sunny midmorning. Soon the view opened up, the trail became a steep, bouldery downhill, and it was close to sunset. Also there were suddenly lots and lots of other people walking the same way. Eventually we got into Keene, which was signaled by all the traffic interchanges we had to walk across, and after that I was with some friends inside the city at night and we walked through some narrow streets at rough angles, flanked by white buildings, and up through a skyway into an unfurnished, white-walled building with an open fire-escape-like stairway and some scaffolding. We hung out on the third floor, and eventually it was 1:30AM but the sun was just peeking up from the horizon close to north, its light almost magenta – I took pictures of it with my digital camera, as well as of the policeman and cat who were standing in the driveway of the house in the middleground.
– A couple of times I went to a grocery store where one had to walk down a ridiculously long aisle to get to the pasta, and there were lots of people doing so, including me and assorted Wms friends. Then when you looked back where you came from, it was sometimes a church aisle? and I sat and listened to a performance there? I shared my water with some guy sitting next to me when he asked if he could have some of it.

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