Monthly Archives: January 2007

high school bus route

More walking around Boston in my brain last night, though this time with possibly a Western-tinged atmosphere or soundtrack that may have arisen from listening to Meat Puppets II and Western-tinged dance music yesterday. Another part though was that I discovered a bus route going to my high school that left at a reasonable time in the morning instead of 6:45, so I didn’t have to get up so bloody early, and so I started riding it every day. My brain reconciled this with the fact that I have been out of high school for five years by making up the narrative that I was auditing four classes there, just for self-edification. Good plausible save there, brain.

open-air library

Last night’s dreams were a jumble of:
– walking around Boston a lot and getting to different squares, including Porter, which was in Boston proper, inexplicably, and had the street geometry of RL Harvard Square.
– being in a windowless cabin with lots of lights inside, doing experiments with saving or wasting electricity (Will Ferrell, who was present, seemed wont to stick to the wasting-electricity side of the equation). Around this time I was also doing some drawing that was supposed to be a collaborative effort with kids, and one instruction said that if a child wanted a blue horse, not to draw the whole horse in extreme detail, just get the silhouette down in order to be able to continue with the game. I, however, drew about one and a half horses, using both sides of the paper (it was impossible to fit the larger horse on just one side).
– walking by an open-air library (i.e. furniture and stacks just out on a lawn) with one modern, white north-south building wall; it was also a cafeteria just beyond (the wall was east-west there), and I spotted and sat down with a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

iced tea

I was on a hike on a sunny midmorning with some friends through bucolic, rolling fields and woods; at the end of the day I refilled my water bottles with iced tea from powder (no lemon), to continue the hike the next morning. Also at some point this house became our cabin in Maine and I woke up at about 6:30 to a vivid red cirrocumulus/mist dawn and got my camera out of my backpack and took a picture of it through a hole in the window screen.

return of MIT

I and some other people were at MIT but like the last time I dreamt about MIT, it wasn’t as IRL; this time there was a wide open flat expanse with low buildings and an arcade with lacy iron columns and arches surrounding a train platform, where I was, on two sides. Some friends were around too. Before and after this, we were perhaps offshore from there (to the east) swimming in the open water, and I complained about oncoming rain in the west. Also in some room, I was with some of my colleagues and we were drafting or something, I guess, and I had to sharpen the pencil I was using, so I whittled it, because I didn’t want to waste any of the lead, which would happen by using a sharpener.


I and a bunch of other people looked at a large 19th-century painting showing in the foreground an inlet of a dark, almost black sea, on a dark day, and there were a couple of fish in the water that were a translucent, bioluminescent white. I was amazed at how luminously they were depicted. A level of discourse dissolved and we were on a built shore bordering the inlet, and the glowing fishes drifted along right by. Then a glowing jellyfish floated by and clamped itself onto the leg of my shorts and I was like “aieee” but luckily it didn’t sting me or anything. A boisterous sea lion also made an appearance.

Later I was with my parents possibly at Spruce Ledge on a sunny midmorning walking west through a field bordered by woods, and there was a tree in the distance that reflected the sun really brightly and when I looked in the direction bisecting this reflection and the actual sun, it looked like stereo suns. But it wasn’t, even though I have dreamt about multiple suns in the sky on multiple occasions. After that we were in the backyard pulling down rotten trees.


I only particularly remember a couple of locations on an open hillside on a sunny midday with wide views to the north and south; at one point it sloped down to the west and at another point it sloped down to the east, and when it sloped down to the west there was a building on it with a cluster of exterior partly-walled stairways and chambers, and then inside there was a very compact little room with a bench on the east side and a number of small windows on multiple sides through which you could see particularly lovely pieces of the view simultaneously by sitting at a certain spot on the bench.


At one point I was on the sunporch of my house in NH and a rainshower passed through going north with low fast-flying diffuse cloud strands, and the clouds gradually became golden and eventually I went out on the back porch and there was a strong, misty magenta light pervading. I took a number of pictures of it with my camera. A bunch of Wms friends were standing out in the garden admiring it. Later, I was riding in what seems to have been a large cast-iron sled during a backpacking trip with an intersecting but different Wms group, and we were sliding along a cliffside mountain trail on a sunny day, and eventually slanched down a rocky path and came to rest at a grassy campsite after catching big air above it.

Also there was a dog driving a car with another dog in it in a parking lot and I was also in the parking lot with maybe my dad and we saved the day and got the dog away from the steering wheel.


Uhh, this will show up as two days late, but the night before last I still remember that I was running east on a peastone path-sidewalk of Main St of Hancock on a sunny warm midday and then I ran west again and on the common in front of the town offices was a Williams softball game being played by 06ers. I don’t remember what I dreamt last night.


Lots of stuff last night, in particular lots of walking.
– I watched a clip of Jimi Hendrix sitting on the back of a car riding through a field playing his guitar; there was a monkey with him, and I think it was rainbow-colored. Eventually everyone & everything fell off the car and hilarity/destruction ensued.
– This turned into actually being in a field with a number of people including my parents and a lot of parked cars and having to get some large vehicles maneuvered through them, including possibly one with lots of cables? having to do with boats?
– My parents and I walked on a road to Antrim and then continued on a nice woods road/trail toward Keene on a sunny midmorning. Soon the view opened up, the trail became a steep, bouldery downhill, and it was close to sunset. Also there were suddenly lots and lots of other people walking the same way. Eventually we got into Keene, which was signaled by all the traffic interchanges we had to walk across, and after that I was with some friends inside the city at night and we walked through some narrow streets at rough angles, flanked by white buildings, and up through a skyway into an unfurnished, white-walled building with an open fire-escape-like stairway and some scaffolding. We hung out on the third floor, and eventually it was 1:30AM but the sun was just peeking up from the horizon close to north, its light almost magenta – I took pictures of it with my digital camera, as well as of the policeman and cat who were standing in the driveway of the house in the middleground.
– A couple of times I went to a grocery store where one had to walk down a ridiculously long aisle to get to the pasta, and there were lots of people doing so, including me and assorted Wms friends. Then when you looked back where you came from, it was sometimes a church aisle? and I sat and listened to a performance there? I shared my water with some guy sitting next to me when he asked if he could have some of it.


Well this is super-late and will probably show up as tomorrow, but last night I dreamed I was touring MIT but it was in a rural location, spread out in a field along a sleepy, misty river at twilight. I had an access card with which I was able to enter the architecture studios, which looked like a cellular collection of white boxes. There was no one in there. People were present in other buildings, but I don’t remember who or what else happened, although I have a vague recollection of a building or maybe the whole campus having the RL shape of the section of MIT shaped by the sweep of the Charles River.