gun safety

11h sleep, some things remembered:
– lots of walking through cities (I wonder why)
– I was at home in NH and it was winter but it was like 80 degrees outside, probably a foreshadowing
– doing dynamic stretches with the whole XC team, maybe on the same day
– watching a history of a video store run by a guy with a vest and glasses which eventually became a Christian green video store
– I rented a Mel Gibson “Maverick” gun safety video from said store.
– In the film there was footage of a guy trying to shoot stuff with a gun powered by an aerosol can and being reprimanded (by the narrator?) for shooting at things without proper cover from the shrapnel; eventually I was in the scene, and was shooting at a full-size model of a large mansard-roofed house made entirely of new copper. That makes for 2 inward level-of-discourse jumps and 2 corresponding increases in weirdness!

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