I got up out of my bed in NH and brushed off the larger pieces of Perlite that were on it. I was actually in a Swiss-looking hotel and a bunch of Wms friends were around. I looked on iTunes at the song “Illadelph” which you might have thought would be by the Roots but which was actually by Jay-Z. I was by an east window and it was dark outside but some of my friends were out there in the low light coming from inside the building and they were sorta talkin and groovin to some music? Later I was walking through the long hallway of my elementary school (really more like the 5th/6th-grade wing of my middle school) and a group of kids was doing a project out in the hall based on a thing that I had made back when I was there (this has no basis in reality) which was a large circular piece of paper with a marvelously witty and flowing poem inscribed around its edge in large calligraphic lettering, accompanied by illustrations, all in black and white. The teachers now called the project, in a takeoff on Family Circus, “Family Dowsus,” and everyone had to do one ever since the original. This whole episode is a great example of what can seem OK normal in a dream but becomes embarrassingly strange to recount in waking.

In a disconnected scene, I went into the Spencer Studio gallery to look at Architecture II’s projects but realized they were not my year’s but the next year’s. (This actually would correspond to RL, surprisingly.) The shape of the gallery was different from RL and the light was low, and all the models seemed to be made of a dark ruddy wood. In one area were multiple bookcases filled with softcover fantasy/sci-fi books, all dark with metallic/iridescent lettering, of course. I was able to float and sort of just paddle through the air in the room and off the objects in it. Subsequently I was at a stone wall in a city next to a green spot, facing west, and playing a guitar through a sweet effects pedal with a circular shape, and people were taking notice.

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