bikes on a hill

Four scenes that I remember:

– at the office, where the desks were shifted by about 90 degrees, we were having some kind of daytime weekend party, and it was convivial.

– I was on Winthrop St with a few friends from my Williams architecture classes, and a couple of them started riding up and down the north side of the Tufts hill and were having a gigantic amount of fun, but I was slightly worried because the hill was very steep and long and they were going super-fast.

– at a house in the country mostly in the woods but with a view to the southwest and west; it had a garage and driveway to the north and the drive extended away to the east, and it was dark brown on the outside. It was night there and also early afternoon at one point. I was there with the couple who lived there as well as with a bunch of friends, and we maybe had some desserts inside and at one point some of us went to put something in a car and there was a raccoon in the passenger seat.

– at my house, on an overcast day, I was noting how the plum tree had put out its spring leaves already because of it being so mild a winter so far, and there were other botanical things of note that are now hidden behind my brain-firewall. (IRL, the first light of the sun just appeared on my wall, in a little triangle at first, and I can clearly see the lit-up patch expanding – in two minutes it has become 3 feet tall.)

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