– I was walking around Harvard Yard I think, but it was grayer and more thoroughly walled, like an English university.

– I was in a store with a motley crue of acquaintances.

– I was riding in a car in Keene, and the driver was trying to get onto Rt 9N, but missed the turn and got onto the next entrance, which was to 9S and also way too narrow for the car not to stray from, so we turned around and went back to the correct one. It was a sunny, warm midafternoon. The infrastructure geography was well different from that of RL Keene.

– There was some sort of little panel symposium at Williams held in a small theater, and at one point I had to join the rest of the Slowboys seated on couches onstage along with some other Williams friends and some of their moms (a similar crue to the aforementioned one at the store), who in their rather blunt statements about the subject at hand (the identity of which I no longer remember, but I think it was about social relationships to some degree) succeeded in making things awkward.

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