9 1/2 hours of sleep and many dreams, but I only remember one scene at all well, which was that I was sitting at a table in an enclave, facing west, on the east side of a room that had windows to the west at least part of the time, and I was talking about botany with some ’08 people who were currently taking it, recalling some scientific names well but others not so much, including one guy I had only met at the start of his freshman year two years ago (not a RL person, I don’t think) who had a ring through his eyebrow or maybe an earring, and then some more ’08s showed up, including Liz, who had a complaint about the botany teacher or something (who seemed not to be Joan). This subject matter probably arose from the mention of different city tree species at the Harvard GSD symposium I attended yesterday and then my blogging about it after. (I.e. the symposium is now covered by two layers of blog-reference. Dang.) Also in the dream, I was at the T at some point, of course; the Red Line, perhaps?

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