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gun safety

11h sleep, some things remembered:
– lots of walking through cities (I wonder why)
– I was at home in NH and it was winter but it was like 80 degrees outside, probably a foreshadowing
– doing dynamic stretches with the whole XC team, maybe on the same day
– watching a history of a video store run by a guy with a vest and glasses which eventually became a Christian green video store
– I rented a Mel Gibson “Maverick” gun safety video from said store.
– In the film there was footage of a guy trying to shoot stuff with a gun powered by an aerosol can and being reprimanded (by the narrator?) for shooting at things without proper cover from the shrapnel; eventually I was in the scene, and was shooting at a full-size model of a large mansard-roofed house made entirely of new copper. That makes for 2 inward level-of-discourse jumps and 2 corresponding increases in weirdness!


The only thing that need be mentioned is that I was cooking some ditalini for games night (which I will be doing IRL tonight) and noticed some deep cobalt blue ones only after it was done cooking, and then I looked at the bag of uncooked ditalini and there were 5 colors of them – plain (#ffe), lightish red (#f44), pastel blue (#cdf), a vivid sky blue (#58f), and the deep cobalt blue (#00c). Mm-mmm good!


I got up out of my bed in NH and brushed off the larger pieces of Perlite that were on it. I was actually in a Swiss-looking hotel and a bunch of Wms friends were around. I looked on iTunes at the song “Illadelph” which you might have thought would be by the Roots but which was actually by Jay-Z. I was by an east window and it was dark outside but some of my friends were out there in the low light coming from inside the building and they were sorta talkin and groovin to some music? Later I was walking through the long hallway of my elementary school (really more like the 5th/6th-grade wing of my middle school) and a group of kids was doing a project out in the hall based on a thing that I had made back when I was there (this has no basis in reality) which was a large circular piece of paper with a marvelously witty and flowing poem inscribed around its edge in large calligraphic lettering, accompanied by illustrations, all in black and white. The teachers now called the project, in a takeoff on Family Circus, “Family Dowsus,” and everyone had to do one ever since the original. This whole episode is a great example of what can seem OK normal in a dream but becomes embarrassingly strange to recount in waking.

In a disconnected scene, I went into the Spencer Studio gallery to look at Architecture II’s projects but realized they were not my year’s but the next year’s. (This actually would correspond to RL, surprisingly.) The shape of the gallery was different from RL and the light was low, and all the models seemed to be made of a dark ruddy wood. In one area were multiple bookcases filled with softcover fantasy/sci-fi books, all dark with metallic/iridescent lettering, of course. I was able to float and sort of just paddle through the air in the room and off the objects in it. Subsequently I was at a stone wall in a city next to a green spot, facing west, and playing a guitar through a sweet effects pedal with a circular shape, and people were taking notice.


I went to Shaw’s in the twilight, but it was 7 to 8 in the evening, so clearly not near the winter solstice. The store was at the southwest side of its large parking lot. The first thing I went to get was bread, and at first it looked like there was Shaw’s-brand 100% whole wheat stoneground bread all over one area but on closer inspection most of it wasn’t 100% whole wheat, and there were only two bags of it. Then I think my alarm went off.

bikes on a hill

Four scenes that I remember:

– at the office, where the desks were shifted by about 90 degrees, we were having some kind of daytime weekend party, and it was convivial.

– I was on Winthrop St with a few friends from my Williams architecture classes, and a couple of them started riding up and down the north side of the Tufts hill and were having a gigantic amount of fun, but I was slightly worried because the hill was very steep and long and they were going super-fast.

– at a house in the country mostly in the woods but with a view to the southwest and west; it had a garage and driveway to the north and the drive extended away to the east, and it was dark brown on the outside. It was night there and also early afternoon at one point. I was there with the couple who lived there as well as with a bunch of friends, and we maybe had some desserts inside and at one point some of us went to put something in a car and there was a raccoon in the passenger seat.

– at my house, on an overcast day, I was noting how the plum tree had put out its spring leaves already because of it being so mild a winter so far, and there were other botanical things of note that are now hidden behind my brain-firewall. (IRL, the first light of the sun just appeared on my wall, in a little triangle at first, and I can clearly see the lit-up patch expanding – in two minutes it has become 3 feet tall.)


Oh man, I remember an almost unprecedented amount of things from last night. I think this is because I woke up twice in the night and remembered to review my dreams both times.

1. I was in my laundry room in NH discussing Death From Above 1979 with either Peter Nunns or Jesse F. Keeler himself, and I was saying how at first I’d found their sound too heavy but eventually I’d become a huge fan, listening to You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine over and over again until it was played out. We went on to try to list all the album tracks in order but lost our place after “Black History Month.”

2. I looked in the mirror one day to find that the hair on the top part of my head had inexplicably grown by a factor of about 5, so that it looked just about like my hair did before I buzzed it, and this was vexing because I had been (and am IRL) looking forward to seeing what it looked like as it gradually lengthened.

3. There was talk of a substance that when sprayed on a kind of tree would cause it to immediately sprout extremely dense new growth. I viewed an actual demonstration of this among initially brushy, thin trees at the edge of a field, and commented that it could be used for biological warfare. (RL me says “?…”)

4. I was wheelchair-bound one evening on the Common at Park Street and I sailed down a path southward through a group of gangstas toward some destination. Later I entered a rustic large screenporch where a bunch of Williams friends were, easily wheeling straight over homework on a picnic table that Dan was working on and settling by Katie and Leah. I was a wheelchair MASTER.

5. I was running with some WXC peoples and we ran into Corey’s house, down the stairs, and out the back basement-level door toward the lakeshore. It was a nice summer day. There was a stack of synthesizers on a picnic table hooked up to some speakers that were pointing out toward the lake, on which a bunch of people were recreating, and they were cranking out some music. I was pretty excited because there were multiple synthesizers. Another multiplicity of synthesizers soon appeared in a different setting. Subsequently I was riding east in a car with Corey over a double curve on some open hilly land and we were reviewing upcountry jokes.

6. I found myself in a super-small room, which was like a quarter-bath (sinks and mirrors on the west wall, that’s it) with a window to the south, in the evening, and a few of my colleagues were there with me, and we were standing around working on something, I don’t even know what. I bruised my ring finger under the cover of a desk at that point.

7. I was in a nearby room with unboarded stud walls, along with a number of NH and Williams people, looking at compact fluorescent bulbs and possibly circuitry. One bulb (this is when they were not plugged in) was blue, and another was pink and labeled “Gay” on the box. I think they were connected to wires embedded in a fabric mesh, and I tried to turn the blue one on by connecting these wires to live wires hanging out of the wall, but to no avail except possibly some smoke.

8. Thence I went into an adjacent classroom with some orange and yellow coloration, and math was being worked out on the board by some students. I was up at the board with another person who was trying to get me to remember a proof that I’d witnessed over the summer and was filled with odd one-off street terminology that I had totally forgotten. After I took my seat, one of my colleagues was asked to explain a proof and started doing so at his seat, and the teacher was like “why don’t you go to the board” and he, smirkingly, was like “well I didn’t want to waste the time of going to the board” and this generated uproarious laughter because of course he was wasting time by giving this very explanation. He went up to the board and began to explain about the Infinerati, I don’t know what this meant but it had something to do with an inherent constancy of proportion with no limitation on the size of the set considered, and this was further explicated by a full-vision animation of what looked like a South Park character moving straight toward me as the surroundings – realistic (cartoonwise) outdoors to the left and right but just white strips top and bottom, with maybe thick black strips for boundaries – receded, always keeping the same proportion of visual area, even as they accelerated out toward infinitude. Then my alarm went off.

north face

I had a couple of good things, but now I only remember walking up and down stairs with one of my roommates beside terraced concrete plazas on the north face of Tufts, at night. There were other people there who we encountered, and there was also connection to scenes of different settings. One thing that can always be said about my journal logs is that they are precise.

office again

Well I forgot to post almost the whole day long, but I do still recall, now more from remembering having reviewed it when awake, rather than remembering it directly, that I and some of my coworkers were in the office, but the office was a lot differently constructed (possibly similarly to another dream I had somewhat recently) with overheard daylight. That is all I remember remembering now though.


Not much point in this the previous few days because I got hardly any sleep because of working on my portfolio, but last night I slept for 13 hours to make up for it and have remembered some things:

I was riding in the passenger seat of a car driven by a NH friend at night and we were facing south on a N-S road intersected by a couple of E-W roads and terminating in a driveway across one of the cross roads. The driveway, and maybe part of the road we were on, was strewn with frozen mixed cut vegetables (I cooked some last night IRL, so this was logical) and we were trying to sqoosh all of the veggies by driving over them in successive passes of the tires. So we had to back up across the cross road and carefully adjust position a lot. At one point we backed up all the way to past the next cross road, and at another point we backed down the cross road next to the driveway toward the east.

At another point I was again riding in a car, but this time driven by another person I know from NH and haven’t IRL seen in a long time, going north and east along a high country road with superb open views in all directions including down into a valley to the north and west, in midafternoon, and I asked him what he was up to now and he was like “I don’t actually have a job” and I was like “it’s cool I ain’t judgin’ no one,” except phrased in a more standard way possibly.


– I was walking around Harvard Yard I think, but it was grayer and more thoroughly walled, like an English university.

– I was in a store with a motley crue of acquaintances.

– I was riding in a car in Keene, and the driver was trying to get onto Rt 9N, but missed the turn and got onto the next entrance, which was to 9S and also way too narrow for the car not to stray from, so we turned around and went back to the correct one. It was a sunny, warm midafternoon. The infrastructure geography was well different from that of RL Keene.

– There was some sort of little panel symposium at Williams held in a small theater, and at one point I had to join the rest of the Slowboys seated on couches onstage along with some other Williams friends and some of their moms (a similar crue to the aforementioned one at the store), who in their rather blunt statements about the subject at hand (the identity of which I no longer remember, but I think it was about social relationships to some degree) succeeded in making things awkward.