steep sidewalk

Vivid dreams last night. One sequence in particular is still easy to remember. I was running a race up a steep asphalt road on a cloudless, crisp midafternoon and it curved around a castle or something; Dan was running it, as was Jim Lehrer; we were all near each other in the race. I don’t know how the race ended, but leaving, one had to walk down a sidewalk, one little stretch of which was actually more than 45 degrees inclined. I had to reach out to the brick building ahead to catch myself. I then went into the building, which had a high ceiling and some clerestory light, and there were some vending machines and tables and a counter, probably. Continuous with this was the realization that one of my high school friends had started a humor blog sort of parallel to this but with a more petulant, personal-insult-based streak, which I found distasteful. Then I was home for Thanksgiving and was trying to figure out times to get together with friends who were also home, and I heard what some people were up to who I hadn’t seen in a while, and that’s about all I remember now. That and maybe some alpenglow at some point.

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