– I was at the sink in the upstairs bathroom in NH at night, possibly the break of dawn, and an open-framed helicopter carrying sightseers flew very low over the house and pretty much hovered outside the window and I waved at them. There was something about how I would have to register or pay a fee or something to join them in the helicopter.

– Vague recall of a dog or puppy (Harriet?) running around the NH property.

– I was in a place that seemed to contain a grade school, a doctor’s office, and an eatery (specifically, the Rynborn) and I and a motley mix of friends and acquaintances moved over the course of the act from one place to another; I had to keep everyone’s forms from the visits to the doctor in a binder. In the classroom, it seems like we were just sitting in on a class, not sure what subject. I know Davitian and Lisetta were among this group, I forget who else. Weird.

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