Lots of stuff:

– There was a rustically-built library in a town with some woods to the south and I walked around it and looked inside.

– Perhaps in the same town, which was now Jerusalem yet looked very European and seemed to be in New England rather than the Middle East, and it was of rather compact size also, there was a guy with a big gray beard who I seem to remember was a pillar of the community and was on a side street just off the north-south main street railing against the Israeli leadership as being puppets of Bushco, and he was being recorded by a news crew. Later I went downhill northward at twilight on the main street and noticed boxes of soil (like unoccupied flowerboxes) in a row along the side of the street, a number of which had one apple core each sitting inside, which apparently this guy had done for composting purposes.

– Later I was in Stowe VT and I guess other WXC people were there, but anyway it was quite similar to Jerusalem above. Century was staying at a different place than me and we compared locations on a zoomable map, and I pondered how long a town-periphery run would be and started measuring it out before realizing I was looking at the whole county and not just the town, which was why I quickly got to 153 miles. I rotated the map (which had strong topographical lighting) to try to find my place’s location with respect to Mt. Mansfield.

Also in the evening I was walking from my place to the center of Stowe and because it was around sunset, the entire western half of my field of vision was occupied by a wall of land in the sky, which was a normal occurrence, as if there were a gigantic planet just offshore of Earth. But there was still twilight coming from the west, so it wasn’t really very cleanly thought out by my brain, but still it was pretty cool.

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