picnic table

I’ll write this again as verbatim as possible since Safari crashed and lost this entirely when I pressed publish, my writing having been too quick to be autosaved. I will copy to the Clipboard as a precaution. EDIT: when I tried to publish this redo, the old one got dug up (even though I had had no notification that it was saved as a draft) and appeared rather than this one, and eventually this one showed up too. WordPress sometimes vexes me. I’m leaving both editions of this just to avoid effing things up any more.

Man I’ve been having the darnedest time remembering any of my dreams the past few days! All I remember from last night is sitting at a picnic table (facing north, next to a wall to the east) with a mix of friends, recalling some really old times. This was part of a longer scene. Also I think there was something about Congress?

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