rock slope

I got up earlier in the morning to go bathroom and remembered a whole bunch of stuff from before it, but now the only part thereof that I still remember is being on an east-west path with a big smooth rock slope up to the south and open fields and some woods in the vicinity, and it was in Harrisville, apparently, because one had to get up the rock slope to get back to Hancock efficiently, and I was having trouble ascending the slope even with others’ help (a bunch of other people were trying to go that way too) and was afraid I’d have to go the really long way around, continuing east on the path.

After I went back to sleep, I had dreams of being at Williams I guess, as at Homecoming, and Dan and Joe were there; the only clear recollection I have from it is being in a pretty much unfurnished room of a house that possibly didn’t have windows, and finding four adjustable lights on the south wall that I could point at different spots in the room to maximize the lightness.

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