Blue Line

First thing I recall, there was some kind of function in my NH backyard, and so I had to get dressed up in a room of the adjacent confusing dorm. I made some wrong turns moving between hallway and room. Outside it was a nice warm afternoon, sunny with some dark clouds. Later, I rode the Blue Line in toward downtown (although the location was Cambridge, which the Blue Line doesn’t go through IRL) (btw, this was my inaugural Blue Line ride in either dream or reality) and got off in Charlestown or something, and proceeded to have an architectural tour walking back towards Inman Square with a bunch of T passengers. One of the guys suggested this course of action, and I was like “why’s no one who got off the train walking east toward East Boston and Winthrop” and then I was all “oh because the train’s continuing in that direction” and the other guy was all “exactly.” Again it was a sunny afternoon, but possibly more autumnal. In particular, we walked past/through a set of buildings with some lacy spire-like ironwork which was really cool-looking. Then I think I was in a rustic low house?

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