Well, there are certain travelling scenes where I’m not sure how they’re ordered, but here they are: I was walking at night to Davis, and checked my cellphone at one point, for some reason. Then I was riding a bike in the same direction, still at night, on a narrow sidewalk with no lighting, and very near the fronts of houses. At one point there was a little kid standing right next to a house and I was afraid I’d grazed him while passing by, but I hadn’t. Around that time, I pulled into a garage that seemed to be a random one and parked my bike. I went inside and looked around and I think the surroundings briefly became the interior of a car near a wooded lakeshore, but subsequently I was at work and was working on a SketchUp model and having a collegial time, and I went into the secondary room, whence one person’s desk area had been removed to the main room and where a bunkbed had been installed in its place, for those who stayed at work too late to get an amount of sleep at home with the commute time subtracted. Then I and some friends went to give a presentation to my elementary school’s 4th-grade class, which was being held in a big wood-paneled library room. Also at some point I was homebound on the Red Line and exited at the (fictitious) Brooks stop, but realized that was the wrong one and luckily got back on the train before it left.

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