homecoming trip

Much of the night’s events were concerned with getting to Williams for Homecoming. First of all, several of us met at Christine’s house to carpool over (this included actual Williams people as well as NH friends), but people seemed to be having difficulty arriving there on time, which delayed things. This was vexing because I had been planning that we’d swing by Lechmere and stop at the Apple Store so I could buy Logic or something. I was expecting we wouldn’t have time to go there, but we did anyway; it had gone from a sunny afternoon to a misty, overcast late afternoon. The Apple Store was (I haven’t IRL been there yet so I don’t actually know what it looks like) Starchitectural on the outside, with a sort of argyle metal/glass facade, and it was minimally sleek on the inside, with an IKEA-like sequential circulation. We all looked around in a place that wasn’t the audio section, and then I saw the audio section was on the first floor, seemingly on the way out from where we were, but I don’t remember whether we got there.

Next we were on an airliner flying low over a plethora of small tropical islands which seemed to be just off the West Coast, and they all had one or more grand wide tall trees that were usually taller than the islands were wide. The plane was just a very small amount higher than the trees’ canopies. Rob and I were hanging out outside of the plane at the back, standing on and holding onto some supports and enjoying the outside air. But then the plane started climbing to altitude and we wanted to be let back inside the plane.

The rest of what I remember is a version of the new Rowan Atkinson movie in that it involved Rowan Atkinson; he was playing an advisor to a British female MP, I guess, who was maybe in the running for PM, and she had some pronounced idiosyncracies such as not allowing amateur photographers to get in proximity to her. There was a parade through a big hall that she was in, and Rowan was in the crowd, and suddenly someone shouted “THE AMATEURS ARE COMING!” and everyone cleared the heck out of there like a great sneeze, except for a few people, including me, who took the opportunity to snack on some of the desserts that were left on the buffet table, and to help clean up.

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  1. othercriteria
    Posted November 7, 2006 at 3:09 am | Permalink | Reply

    I have been to the Apple Store, and I don’t think it measures up to your dreamality.

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