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Not much time left for writing now, but what I remember is some sort of mystery unfolding, maybe a murder mystery, and it was sort of half a level of depiction removed from me in that sometimes I seemed to be in the action and sometimes there was an odd, semitransparent computer interface intervening. Anyway, the setting was a house, or at least a houselike interior with a staircase, overhead incandescent lights, and a lot of small closets off of compact hallway-landings next to the stairs.

journal box

Having had to get up at 6:00 this morning, right in the middle of good sleep, I have a lot of dream memories left over, most of them vague by now. For instance: I was staying in some sort of house stuccoed on the outside with maybe some glass curtain walls but also some circular concrete walls? There was a part of it that was like a skyway, and there was a fair amount of pavement outside. Anyway, it was rainy out, and I remember being in & around different parts of the house, but that’s it.

At another point, perhaps continuous with the above, I was getting a checkup in a long room with bookshelves and a contoured floor that was sort of between a living room and a large store space, and there were jockish medical students giving people (me) checkups. Some other people who were getting checkups were people I knew from NH. I switched positions from the east, lower end of the room to the west, upper end of it.

The other thing I still recall is that I and a friend or two were in a house on an upper floor in a skylit white room shaped by the roof, with lots of bookshelves and a comfy couch, and a woman, maybe the owner of the house, was telling us about the large box painted blue with some representational scenes on it that was sitting on the counter of the bookshelf cabinet: it held all the journals (to date) of her father, who was still alive and writing even well past the age of 100 (I don’t remember hearing this figure but definitely thought it), so that he had started writing in the 1910’s. I thought this was just masterfully cool. Which it would be, of course.


I keep forgetting to do a write here. This being the case today as well, the only thing I have to offer is that a few days ago at home I dreamt that just up the road from the house, in some woods that were in the position of the RL field, was a wide, glacial-blue, gurgling stream flowing east under the road. I was exploring the area around it maybe with some friends on a fall midafternoon.

brick soup

I don’t remember much very clearly but one thing stuck in my mind, rather understandably: I was in a woodsy park, on a dirt road that curved gently left and up toward the south (it was midmorning) and some WXC guys (the Anza Pioneers I think) were having breakfast at a picnic table further up the road; at the same time I heard from someone about, or got the notion of, brick soup and how someone was eating it, I guess. It formulated itself in my mind as crushed-up red brick in hot water, with salt added. I tried some and it tasted just as you would imagine – kind of clayey and crunchy, and salty. The soup took on the color of the brick. Anyway, I kept walking toward the picnic table, and then maybe the scene shifted to a wide, flat eastward bridge toward a city.

steep sidewalk

Vivid dreams last night. One sequence in particular is still easy to remember. I was running a race up a steep asphalt road on a cloudless, crisp midafternoon and it curved around a castle or something; Dan was running it, as was Jim Lehrer; we were all near each other in the race. I don’t know how the race ended, but leaving, one had to walk down a sidewalk, one little stretch of which was actually more than 45 degrees inclined. I had to reach out to the brick building ahead to catch myself. I then went into the building, which had a high ceiling and some clerestory light, and there were some vending machines and tables and a counter, probably. Continuous with this was the realization that one of my high school friends had started a humor blog sort of parallel to this but with a more petulant, personal-insult-based streak, which I found distasteful. Then I was home for Thanksgiving and was trying to figure out times to get together with friends who were also home, and I heard what some people were up to who I hadn’t seen in a while, and that’s about all I remember now. That and maybe some alpenglow at some point.


– I was at the sink in the upstairs bathroom in NH at night, possibly the break of dawn, and an open-framed helicopter carrying sightseers flew very low over the house and pretty much hovered outside the window and I waved at them. There was something about how I would have to register or pay a fee or something to join them in the helicopter.

– Vague recall of a dog or puppy (Harriet?) running around the NH property.

– I was in a place that seemed to contain a grade school, a doctor’s office, and an eatery (specifically, the Rynborn) and I and a motley mix of friends and acquaintances moved over the course of the act from one place to another; I had to keep everyone’s forms from the visits to the doctor in a binder. In the classroom, it seems like we were just sitting in on a class, not sure what subject. I know Davitian and Lisetta were among this group, I forget who else. Weird.


Lots of stuff:

– There was a rustically-built library in a town with some woods to the south and I walked around it and looked inside.

– Perhaps in the same town, which was now Jerusalem yet looked very European and seemed to be in New England rather than the Middle East, and it was of rather compact size also, there was a guy with a big gray beard who I seem to remember was a pillar of the community and was on a side street just off the north-south main street railing against the Israeli leadership as being puppets of Bushco, and he was being recorded by a news crew. Later I went downhill northward at twilight on the main street and noticed boxes of soil (like unoccupied flowerboxes) in a row along the side of the street, a number of which had one apple core each sitting inside, which apparently this guy had done for composting purposes.

– Later I was in Stowe VT and I guess other WXC people were there, but anyway it was quite similar to Jerusalem above. Century was staying at a different place than me and we compared locations on a zoomable map, and I pondered how long a town-periphery run would be and started measuring it out before realizing I was looking at the whole county and not just the town, which was why I quickly got to 153 miles. I rotated the map (which had strong topographical lighting) to try to find my place’s location with respect to Mt. Mansfield.

Also in the evening I was walking from my place to the center of Stowe and because it was around sunset, the entire western half of my field of vision was occupied by a wall of land in the sky, which was a normal occurrence, as if there were a gigantic planet just offshore of Earth. But there was still twilight coming from the west, so it wasn’t really very cleanly thought out by my brain, but still it was pretty cool.

picnic table

A few snippets: 1. I ran a woodsy road race (not the linked one, but inspired by it) with an uphill last mile, and did quite well. Later I had to be somewhere for something quite early and I was sort of waking up around 6AM in my car by a building in the woods on a crisp cold morning and telling some friends in another car about the race. 2. Something about wide Boston cityscapes, which is blending with yesterday’s reality in my mind, so that I can’t be definitive about it. 3. Sitting in my office, but it was more brightly skylit than usual, and having a convivial time with my colleagues.

picnic table

I’ll write this again as verbatim as possible since Safari crashed and lost this entirely when I pressed publish, my writing having been too quick to be autosaved. I will copy to the Clipboard as a precaution. EDIT: when I tried to publish this redo, the old one got dug up (even though I had had no notification that it was saved as a draft) and appeared rather than this one, and eventually this one showed up too. WordPress sometimes vexes me. I’m leaving both editions of this just to avoid effing things up any more.

Man I’ve been having the darnedest time remembering any of my dreams the past few days! All I remember from last night is sitting at a picnic table (facing north, next to a wall to the east) with a mix of friends, recalling some really old times. This was part of a longer scene. Also I think there was something about Congress?

picnic table

Man I am having the darnedest time remembering anything of my dreams the past few days! All I remember from last night is sitting at a picnic table with a mix of friends and remembering some really old times, and that was within a longer scene. Also I think there was something about Congress.