sports-bar bands

Snippets, which originally had more continuity with one another:

– cooking with a bunch of zucchini and doing other stuff that included walking outside along streets in an open area and ending up somehow left with two longitudinal peeled zucchini halves each from a different zucchini, and I was like “how’d that happen”

– I was walking with one or more people in eastern Somerville in the late afternoon and one of them got interviewed about music by a girl passing by, and she also interviewed me, but only after I walked to Ball Square (and at that point the sun had shifted to mid-morning), having to make a shortcut along the fence of a little-league field, and it turned out her first question was about “sports-bar bands” – what was my favorite one? I told her I wasn’t actually into professional sports, so I didn’t know any sports-bar bands. Not that I even knew what the genre was. Something like pub rock, but jockier? No idea, and I don’t know that I’d find it appealing if it actually existed. (If it actually does exist, let me know.) I don’t remember whether she asked me more questions. Maybe not; I might have unwittingly abrogated the interview with my lack of knowledge or enthusiasm for sports-bar bands.

– I was in a building made out of dark wood, in a large room with large tables on the south end, lit only by daylight from the west side. There were some friends there. I almost feel like this is a recurrent setting. Hmm.

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