This morning for a good while before getting up I had a large collection of feverishly vivid dream memories while semi-awake, but many of them have receded. I wish there were some good way to retrieve them. Anyway, some pieces that are still accessible include:

1. being on some sort of adventure expedition that ended up with all of us getting to a cold pebbly/snowy shore of a lake and having to clamber down a glacious embankment with some assistance from the expedition leader. There were already a bunch of people wading in the water and I planned to dip in entirely, polar-bear style. Oh, and Borat was standing further out in the lake with the water up to his waist, fully clothed, and was acting manically. I’ve never even seen Borat except for pictures, so this is weird.
2. (I think I have transit dreams every night now) there was an intersection with a sharp curve in one of the streets meeting at it, and a Green Line bus (or tram? I’m not sure) went by and maybe stopped, exerting a lot of torque to make the curve.
3. Also I was inside a station at one point, which looked like a parking garage with slightly sunken travel lanes, and a Red Line bus came up and stopped though it looked like it was going to maybe cold run over me at first.
4. The remainder of what I recall is mostly vague conceptions of bright colors and the interior of a house.

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