I was riding on an aboveground part of the T in a rural area with some friends and struck up a conversation for a while with a middle-aged guy who had other family members on the train about Jimi Hendrix’s albums, and he said he didn’t like South Saturn Delta because it didn’t hold together like his original Experience albums, and I said well yeah but that’s because it’s a compilation of previously unreleased songs, not a preconceived album, and I agreed it wasn’t as coherent as other albums but that I really loved some of the songs on it, and had he ever listened to First Rays of the New Rising Sun?

Then we all got off the train at a spot where a meet was to happen, I guess, and later there I and some others helped one of our friends dry out the upholstery of her car, which was all damp from a large-scale spill of some kind.

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