1. I was making all kinds of trips on the T back and forth, including to the end of the Orange Line, which was a pretty much rural area with bright warm-colored afternoon sun, and running from place to place while not on the T to see/travel with assorted friends (definite shades of IRL).
2. There was work being done on the driveway in NH – it was being all dug up and a lower stratum smoothed out before something else was done. It all ended up costing $373, I think I remember. I kept having to excuse myself to go to the bathroom.
3. I was in an architecture class at Williams with a large class size in an odd, large lower-floor room of Spencer Studio with west windows and was surprised to find out suddenly that our final project was happening, which was to do a still life of one (our individual choice) of a bunch of hanging lamps made largely out of seashells. I was wearing a bright red sweater or something and the sun was hitting it and giving a pinkish cast to the whole room. At some point the project changed from that to copying the front cover of an absentee ballot (an object from IRL) as precisely as possible with the typefaces accurate and everything. I realized I was using a calligraphy pen and this was unfairly aiding in my proficiency at copying the blackletter part of the text, so I looked for a fine-point pen. But again I had to go to the bathroom so I left the room, hoping I’d have enough time to finish the project after returning, and searched all around the first floor of the building, which had some Schow-like parts and some locker-room-like parts, and the Schow-like parts had a lot of freshmen studying in them whom I didn’t know and who looked really much younger than college students, I thought. Um, that’s it.

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