Just quickly what I still remember: 1. I went down a westward lane that ended at a lake (it is a recurrent place, more or less) and got on a boat and my aunt and cousin were there, and that was only part of the scene, but it’s all I remember. 2. I was touring around Deutschland with other people and we arrived at a partially-open barn (i.e. it had its south and east walls but no north or west ones, and the extant walls themselves had large openings, so it was almost more a framework than a barn, although it had some roofage) in the middle of a really flat agricultural area; the day was high overcast. We rolled right up to it in a car. There were a lot of different animals in it, including pigeons, which I was quite pleased about. Also lots of hanging textile objects? I think the farmer was there, but maybe that was just a cameo.

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    barn .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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