lab coats

As usual, although I was vividly dreaming when I was woken up by my alarm (at 5:30 (road race)), the dream memory quickly drained away. But I do remember a couple things:
1. I was watching (well, it was a level of discourse halfway between TV and actually being there. Y’know.) a documentary on Marie Curie and her lab and she had designed this lab uniform where the coats were white but they had pronounced vertical fringes of black so that, I noticed, the outline of a person wearing it would be black surrounding the white at every possible viewpoint. This, I learned, was for increased visual evident…ness of the lab workers in case of a visibility-reducing emergency such as a smoky fire in the lab. Oh, Marie Curie. Always thinking.
2. I was going to Windham (NH) with my mom for some reason, and we were trying to decide which highway to go on; 31 and 101 both possibly had construction, so we went toward New London instead (note: if you check a map of NH, this makes zero sense if you are coming from Hancock). Then during the trip we were walking on the highway – all the traffic was pedestrian, but still controlled by traffic lights. Then after we took an eastward curve, we somehow got onto a rolling woods trail and were proceeding ahead of a woman playing bagpipes while hiking. She played really well even though she had only taken it up a year ago.

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