This will be stream of consciousness as I remember things. – There was a path through a couple of meadows and I walked it with someone (don’t know who) and then afterward there was a question on a test asking me to highlight on a map of the meadows which of a choice of paths it was that we walked, and my answer was marked wrong even though it wasn’t. – my roommates and I were in some sort of large open houselike building and were making dinner maybe or at least gathering ingredients for it? – I was outside in a big rural field area and there were a lot of college-age people around who I don’t think I knew, and I somehow picked up a small object that dissolved in water and bleached my skin where the solution touched me, but only until it evaporated – my hands were dirty from earth and I thought the bleaching solution might counterbalance the dirt, and so I tried spreading the bleach over my hands, but the solution was abnormally cohesive and unadhesive, so it would just roll back into spots and not cover my hands, giving an appearance of quickly migrating patchy tan, or something.

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