three things

the things that I remember well number three

long run
I went on a run all through Hancock one evening and really went all over town, but somehow the distance of the run ended up being a lot shorter than I’d have expected. Later I couldn’t recall the exact route.

Some people were getting the Stop&Shop delivery service; I, meanwhile, had a bunch of chopped-up fresh vegetables that I placed on the scale at the cash register in the store and bought. There was definitely a wider context to this that I have forgotten.

front yard party
I was at the end of my road in Hancock, at 137, and a car with no doors on the left drove by westbound containing a bunch of Hancock colleagues. They said hi as they went by. Apparently they had meant to stop, and I went back to my house and they showed up in the driveway. Then more and more people arrived and it was like a crazy party in my front yard, inasmuch as there were a lot of friends there that I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

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