inhabitable wall

Sometimes dreams stay with me better than other times. The ones from last night, like those from the night before, are fairly adhesive in my brain, though in a more fragmented way. There was a lot of stuff having to do with travelling around on the roadsa and seeing Williams XC people (probably shades of the Aluminum Bowl weekend). I think it is Time for a List of Scene Fragments. The dreams were actually more continuous than this makes them look, but these are the vignettes that I remember.
1. riding or driving northbound over the height of land of College Ave by Tufts, except the surrounding land was more open
2. talking with Neal and Dan in a building in the same region, something about the Red Line
3. lots of WXC people present on a practice field or in my NH garage; I played a game in the garage with some of them
4. on the phone with a few people (a conference call?) who had just gone home to get something to bring back; then the phone call devolved into silence, and I just hung up, probably after everyone else
5. driving into a parking lot in a rural area somewhere; it was an overcast, slightly sprinkly day. In the vicinity there was a very old one-room fairly tall house partially open to the sky, and I noted that the trusses once used to hold up the roof had been replaced by round vertical wooden posts, a stabler setup. I think I actually moved some of them into place myself (a flashback?). Also in the vicinity, just to the south over a lawn, was the house of our friends in Maine, and it was extremely narrow in the north-south dimension, less than 10ft probably, you could see right through it; it was sort of more an inhabitable wall with a couple of open passageways through it from outside to outside.
6. out in a front courtyard of a different house, one blonde woman (whom I knew) was all like “you!” accusingly to the other, more mysterious, blonde woman – there was definitely context to this and maybe more people, but I now only remember that one dramatic moment. WHAT COULD IT MEAN

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