roof shower

I have relatively excellent recall on last night’s dreams. It probably has something to do with sleeping right into my alarm. First off, there was a building located in the general area of my NH living room, and it had a shallow asphalt roof in between two higher walls, and a whole set of showers over the roof, which people were using.

Later, I was in a place that was maybe CES (Williams’ Center for Environmental Studies, though I am now realizing that it has another meaning, surprisingly apt for this dream: Christopher Alexander’s Center for Environmental Structure) and it was a complex of buildings and outside areas where all the spaces were wonderfully positive (i.e. convex and compact) and it was really vibrant. The buildings were white and the grass was very green, and there were some lintels around and some slopes to the grounds. Maybe continuous with this place was a really steep hill with a curving, eroded trail that I was either chasing or escaping some horses or bears down?

At some point I was watching a couple of music videos or at least short films, although they seemed to be at the same level of discourse as the rest of the dreams. One was a joint Madonna/Black Eyed Peas video that took place on a subway platform where the track curved around at a very tight radius and there were glass panels with doors in them on the outside edge of the tracks, leading to more platform beyond, at a slightly higher level than the platform inside the curve, where the musicians were performing. Madonna was upstaging Fergie with her eccentricity, while two of the male dudes, who looked a lot more Middle Eastern than black or Native American, were getting up to antics going through the doors on the far side of the tracks and getting shut out behind them or something? Then the other film was one with two guys in it, one maybe John Goodman and the other shorter than him. It was night and they were at a car outside a glass-walled library; they went into the library (for illicit purposes such as theft?) and wanted to be able to leave the door open, so John Goodman had the bright idea of smoking a cigarette from inside the library and having to have the door open by necessity so he could stand in it and avoid having the smoking count as being inside the library. Then there was a cut to the same location but the duo were back out at their car and there were dozens of lit cigarettes standing like incense on top of everything in sight, including the car, and then the shot faded and I think that was the end of the video.

There was also a place, a building, I guess, that you approached from the west and a bunch of my Williams friends were there and I think I was writing long emails to many of them, and maybe others among them were doing likewise, maybe to explain what we’d all been doing since graduation? as opposed to telling each other in person since we were there? I don’t know. The memory is muddled. Anyway, there was also a pizza place right there which got really crowded early in the evening with Italians and then later with Middle Easterners, that’s just how it always happened.

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