There are two main pieces I can recall among many I can’t:
1. I was explaining to one of my friends about how important sound color is to me in whether I like a song, including the sound of the singer/rapper’s voice. I explained that excessively soothy voices are not my cup of tea, yet nor are screams. Also gruff voices like Eddie Vedder. I said that I prefer clear but assertive voices like that of Sebastien Grainger of DFA79, or any hair metal singer. (The latter point might not stand up to scrutiny IRL.)
2. I was at home in NH and there was an awesome red-sky (sailors take warning) sunrise and I went to get my camera to take a picture of it, but by the time I got it and got outside the clouds were just gray. I was also going to take a concerted look at the Mandarin primer I got at a used-book store over the summer, and I was practicing syllables with aspirated affricates (e.g. ci, qi, and chi) in particular. This was sort of as a substitute for actually travelling anywhere; I felt I needed to do this because my parents were going to Switzerland (where they indeed are IRL right now).

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