jungle gym

Daaaaang here we go, another (almost) fully remembered night of dreams!
1. I built myself something that looked like a bunkbed frame except I put it outside near my house in various locations and used it as a jungle gym.
2. While I was out there (on a partly overcast afternoon), a crew of guys (some from high school and some from college) came along in a basket, much like a powerline-working-on basket, that mowed the tops of the trees. They had a long tradition of doing so.
3. I got a present from our family friend from Switzerland that was a physical object of some sort and yet was called a “funeral for a fire” or something like that. (Considering that I haven’t ever actively listened to Arcade Fire, this is very strange.) I don’t know what it was actually for. (Answer: for a fire!)
4. I went to NH, further north than home, to a gathering, and then the gathering was ending and people were emerging out onto the house’s porch in the evening, including one tall guy with flowing blue-dyed locks smoking a cigarette. (This description does not capture his shadiness.)
5. When I got back, it turned out some places in NH had been really cold overnight, below frost temperature, while others were summery-warm.
6. I think the way I got back was the train; I got off at a rural above-ground stop and didn’t wait for the local train to arrive, I just walked home instead. (Shades of Bus 96.)
7. I got back to what was sort of a living room but had an individual room for me off of it in the northeast corner, and various XC people were also living in the same house.
8. In my office, which was the same people but a different place, possibly the same building as the one in which (7) took place, the principals were saying that one of them was so swallowed up in a research project that they had to hire a new principal, and they were going outside the firm to do so. This seems like an inadvisable decision.

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