lots of things

I’m remembering a bunch from the night. Here it is. Early on I was at home and it was a cold, clear night – it got down to a wintery temperature – and the moon rose semi-late at last quarter (as IRL) and then early in the morning, at early dawn, Taurus was in the western sky, extremely bright, especially the Pleiades, which were glowing through the ice on the parlor storm door. Then I was outside about the same time and there was a current of air (possibly artificially created) coming from our neighbor’s house to the southeast that was making white dust or foam accumulate on the southeast sides of the nearby large hemlocks at the edge of his property (my dad and I discussed that those did in fact the shared corner of his and our property, I could see a map of same). Later I was in a car with one of my high school friends and my mom and some preteen girls (I don’t know who they were or why they were present, maybe the rest of us were sort of babysitting them [aside: what an odd word “babysitting” is]) and we were driving north on 123 into Hancock, and at another point the same set of people was outside in the field at home, but I forget what happened. Someone was walking a dog too around the same time maybe?

Then I dreamt that I was writing a letter of great detail to Lisetta (I’ve been meaning to write her for a while) that included all of the stuff that had happened in my dreams so far, and more, and it must have helped me remember things now. Also there was a WXC race in Hancock, starting/finishing at the brick path off the street to the church, which a woman was chalking as such. But both Williams and high school XC people were there. Women’s race at 10 (because the girls were warming up at 9:45, which I saw on the church clock) and men’s race at 11, by extrapolation. I went on a warmup too, but the race never actually took place in the dream. What DID happen, though, is that I met up with a couple of maybe high school friends – I’ve forgotten who specifically, maybe Nate – this was still downtown Hancock and they were going to sign up for business school, or maybe one of them was already in it, and I thought it would be a good idea for me to do it too, because then I’d have a better grasp of running a business if I were to have my own architecture firm. (Darn you, insidious B-school T ads!)

Near when my alarm went off, I was in a big train station like Grand Central except it was in Cambridge, and I was shopping at Shaw’s there, I guess; when I got to the cash register I had a bunch of greens in particular plus other stuff, and I only had to swipe my Shaw’s card, not my debit card, because they had my debit card stored in the system. Then my alarm went off and I started writing.

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