– There was some place where I was that had a piece of furniture where there were a bunch of smallish wood pieces joined together in one post or rail or something and the joinery was superb. There was context that I have forgotten.
– My parents and I were driving along a highway that went over a hill and I think we turned around and came back to the top of the hill and got out and looked around. At a gas station nearby, The Rapture was having a rockumentary made of themselves.
– I was taking an art class taught by the bearded guy from 60 Minutes and had missed a whole bunch of the semester entirely so I had D’s for the many assignments that had happened, but it didn’t seem like a big concern; the venue was either a classroom or a big westward-looking meadow. There was something to do with the class going to visit Lisetta? I looked the town she was teaching in up on an electronic map (it was somewhere in Massachusetts) but when you zoomed in, the shape of Massachusetts would stay the same but within it the view would zoom in. Also the map was pink.

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