I forget everything that occurred in my dreams up till a mouse-noise interlude, but after that I remember an amount of stuff, which is that I was eating out at a restaurant in town with my family and some friends who live in Hancock and we had a chicken dish and then ice cream, and there were leftovers in large blue plastic storage containers which we wanted to save but they somehow got thrown out, and we (my family, i.e. my parents, my brother who looked like Ozzy Osbourne, and I) realized this while walking back to the house along 137 in the twilight. So we turned around and started heading back to retrieve the leftovers, and there were a whole lot of people walking along the side of the highway in both directions as if it were a city street, but I guess we turned around again and headed home. At home, all the lights were on in my room and out the window between my room and the front of the house we discussed whether to after all go all the way back to get the leftovers, which I think I decided that we would do, but I don’t remember what happened after that, besides finding five dollars.

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