Monthly Archives: September 2006


There are two main pieces I can recall among many I can’t:
1. I was explaining to one of my friends about how important sound color is to me in whether I like a song, including the sound of the singer/rapper’s voice. I explained that excessively soothy voices are not my cup of tea, yet nor are screams. Also gruff voices like Eddie Vedder. I said that I prefer clear but assertive voices like that of Sebastien Grainger of DFA79, or any hair metal singer. (The latter point might not stand up to scrutiny IRL.)
2. I was at home in NH and there was an awesome red-sky (sailors take warning) sunrise and I went to get my camera to take a picture of it, but by the time I got it and got outside the clouds were just gray. I was also going to take a concerted look at the Mandarin primer I got at a used-book store over the summer, and I was practicing syllables with aspirated affricates (e.g. ci, qi, and chi) in particular. This was sort of as a substitute for actually travelling anywhere; I felt I needed to do this because my parents were going to Switzerland (where they indeed are IRL right now).


I was in different locations:
– navigating around the citay of Boston
– at home on an overcast day
– at Mission, which had some alterations such as a warm wooden half-basement level, where I was staying, that seemed to not really have separate bedrooms, just partitions that partially divided large rooms; and a much larger moat; and it was in a flat, less bucolic area. I saw assorted friends there and got up to various antics that I don’t remember.


1. Beagles.
2. I was trying to watch a film that had a cirrus-filled sky in it, but it turned out I was watching a superficially similar TV show. This was due to the large machine that controlled the entertainment system, which was sitting out on a road under a similarly cirrus-filled sky (possibly the film & TV show were not actually concerned with a cirrus-filled sky after all so that this situation was not meta BUT THERE WAS SO MUCH CIRRUS-FILLED SKY), having some of its myriad connections hooked up incorrectly. The machine had an upright elliptical section and a lower-down open framework where the wires connected. It looked to be made out of dark cherry wood or something similar.


I keep being just on the verge of remembering what I dreamt about when I wake up yet not quite actually remembering ever, which is annoying and is the reason I haven’t posted in a few days. I do actually remember something from last night which is that I was on a porch looking out to the ocean; the view was framed by columns, and Chris Alexander pointed out to me that one could get a similarly vibrant framed view by looking through an open-backed chair. This is what I get for reading The Nature of Order right before bed.


When I got up it was like there was a translucent window between me and the memory of my dreams that prevented me from being able to grasp at anything in particular. Meanwhile, WHOA:


Man, I had this all nicely written up and then things messed up and I made a backup of it but forgot to save it before rebooting the computer, and so I lost it. So here it is quicker-done than originally.

1. I was at a dorm or house at Williams I guess and this guy who was otherwise reasonable was saying how he needed a second cup of tea right as he threw most of his first one down the sink and I called him out on it with some choice vocab and he got all kinds of vexed at me and I was like “chillax, sorry about the choice vocab, but I stand by my anti-waste values” and he was still vexed. I think the other people in the kitchen were sympathetic to my views.

2. I was sort of at Tufts but physically it was more like a fusion Baxter Lawn by the Congo Church, Hancock common, and the Harris Center grounds. The sky was roily and there were black clouds eddying against the edges of the church and there was consensus that that was pretty cool. I and other people were at a picnic table on the lawny hill; they included a bunch of Hancock people who had been about 2 or 3 years ahead of me in school, and also a Tufts Architecture School admissions person, who was explaining to me that I’d need to pass a music composition test for admission, which actually just consisted of transcribing a music score as precisely as possible on a blank score sheet. Eventually everyone climbed down from the hill through a tunnel of stone stairs; the stairs at the bottom were worn down so that they were treacherous to step on, so the old people in the group had to be real careful. The stairs emerged out onto a porch or gallery, from which there was another large stepdown. Some of the old people sat on this edge and made rapid waving motions, I think as a reaction to the hazardous stairs. What.

3. Perhaps moving on directly from (2), I was definitely at Tufts, because I was going westward up a large hill into a campus, although the base of the hill was downtown Hancock. The hill was wicked steep and the path was a concrete one with frequent horizontal striations for grip. Once at the top it was CrAzY looking back down whence we’d come; it was like Driscoll Hill times ten. There were some trucks/hovercraft parked at the top of the hill, including one that was right alongside the precipice, and some people were jumping into the downhill side of the truck bed to try to get it to fall down the hill. To prevent this, I hung from the uphill side of the truck. Bill was up to his usual antics, which included piloting one of the hovercraft into the other ones to poke them. What.


– I was going down (skiing? running?) a curvy road on a hill in the woods (North Rd) in the winter and it was nice except there were three new houses going in right in one vicinity, and one of them even straddled the road – the road went straight through a cubic space in the building open on two ends.
– I was riding in a car on a road that went through rock tunnels and cliffs and there was an exit on the right that led to a store or something where various Indian musical instruments were for sale.
– There were other instances of transportation or locomotion that are no longer clear to me.


It is almost bedtime again but I do remember that I was at the Harris Center, except it wasn’t so much the actual HC as an enlarged version of our cabin, with at least three stories including a loft looking down below, and it was quite homey and rustic, with the long dimension of the building being north-south, and a fair amount of outdoors equipment in it, I think. At some point the loft level burned, but the building was OK overall. That is all I remember.


I forgot almost everything before my morning bathroom journey, but after that I dreamt that I had a huge book compendium of Garfield comics and it turned out, to my surprise, to be a retrospective, i.e. Garfield had ended. Also there was a surprisingly large quantity of other comics – basically whole books’ worth – within this book, especially Calvin & Hobbes; for comparison, I guess? That seems counterproductive. That is it.

Oh! Never mind. I think I also dreamt that had revamped to a sleek new CSSy, bluish design, must be to go with iTunes 7. I remembered this just by chance because I was about to go to the site just now. Wishful thinking.

jungle gym

Daaaaang here we go, another (almost) fully remembered night of dreams!
1. I built myself something that looked like a bunkbed frame except I put it outside near my house in various locations and used it as a jungle gym.
2. While I was out there (on a partly overcast afternoon), a crew of guys (some from high school and some from college) came along in a basket, much like a powerline-working-on basket, that mowed the tops of the trees. They had a long tradition of doing so.
3. I got a present from our family friend from Switzerland that was a physical object of some sort and yet was called a “funeral for a fire” or something like that. (Considering that I haven’t ever actively listened to Arcade Fire, this is very strange.) I don’t know what it was actually for. (Answer: for a fire!)
4. I went to NH, further north than home, to a gathering, and then the gathering was ending and people were emerging out onto the house’s porch in the evening, including one tall guy with flowing blue-dyed locks smoking a cigarette. (This description does not capture his shadiness.)
5. When I got back, it turned out some places in NH had been really cold overnight, below frost temperature, while others were summery-warm.
6. I think the way I got back was the train; I got off at a rural above-ground stop and didn’t wait for the local train to arrive, I just walked home instead. (Shades of Bus 96.)
7. I got back to what was sort of a living room but had an individual room for me off of it in the northeast corner, and various XC people were also living in the same house.
8. In my office, which was the same people but a different place, possibly the same building as the one in which (7) took place, the principals were saying that one of them was so swallowed up in a research project that they had to hire a new principal, and they were going outside the firm to do so. This seems like an inadvisable decision.