In a dream, I and the others staying in my hostel room woke up too late on a morning during the XC Canada trip to make the start of the morning run, so when we woke up we had to run all over the city (probably Montréal) to find the others. We eventually found Pete and other runners at a spot having, it would seem, a “van brunch” except the food was stationed in a surprisingly large pickup truck bed.

At another time I went outside and the red maple leaves had ALL fallen and were totally blanketing the front lawn. (This stems from my continued noticing that red maples have an early-in-the-season life while oaks seem to be correspondingly late in the season.) It was just after sunset, and it was breezy and brisk, and I frolicked around kicking the leaves up into the air. At another point it was 8AM and I’d gotten up already and I watched the sun rise. It was late for a sunrise. IRL I have been noting the quickly decreasing amount of daylight for much of this month.

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