architecture, school

I won a competition within my architecture class, I guess, to design a renovation of my architecture prof’s rather extensive and convoluted house. It mostly involved enlarging dormers on a roof tower contained in a courtyard and putting in a long hanging tapestry inside the tower. I am not too clear on the design process because the dream’s action started with the changes all complete and people congratulating me on the design. Some important publication gave it a good review and that was posted on a poster that I think was sort of the same proportions as the tapestry and was hung near it.

At another point I was with a bunch of Williams friends on a sunny summer midmorning in a pretty vacant urban area and we started to play a WOOLF-style bonding game on a north-south street, facing one another in two rows, but I had to go get my sunglasses. So I went into the building to the left where we were all staying I guess, maybe it was our dorm, and all sorts of stuff happened and time passed and by the time I got back out it was a winter’s twilight around 4PM. Rob, Surekha and I drove up Chapin Hall Drive in a van – it was very difficult not to scrape the crowds of cars and people on it – and got out and walked into the Frosh Quad, where there was a bus letting out hordes of little kids who were attending elementary school in Williams Hall.

At other points, I was cooking some pretty great soup in my kitchen with several people I didn’t know, and it was pretty gray and dim out (like yesterday IRL) and the only other scene I remember at all well is that I was in my dorm and it was organized around a stairwell that spiralled around in a block of straight segments, and one guy I was living next to had a guitar and amp out in the common room that I could play, and then other people were packing their rooms up to vacate, I think. After I woke up to noises of a mouse chewing stuff in my bedroom, I had lots of semi-conscious dreams, some of which were surprisingly odd for being able to consciously realize they were dreams.

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