high road

I rode in a small car to somewhere, maybe a restaurant, and then left again sitting in a different seat. It was night then, but a little later in the ride it was daytime and we were driving south on an interstate in Maine on a gray wintry day and the road was elevated quite a way above the ground, which made it a little nervewracking. I noticed after a while that there were actually two road levels; we were on the upper one and the lower one was on the ground. Our roadway kept gradually getting higher and higher off the ground till it was probably more than 30′ up.

Eventually we got to some college in Maine and I was inside maybe a kitchen/living room of a dorm and there were a bunch of students there, some of whom I knew and some I didn’t. It was sort of nighttimish again then. That morphed into an excursion in some dark woods that the sunlight hardly got into, with other people around, and that turned out to be a live-action Adult Swim program I was watching broadcast on a laptop.

The last thing I dreamt before waking up is that I was shaving at our cabin in Maine and shifted positions to be on the other side of the thing (a cabinet post maybe) that was obstructing a straight view to the mirror.

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