There was something to do with a restaurant that a school group or something like that that I was a part of went to and it was outside in the late afternoon/early evening on an eastward-facing slope. There’s a bunch more stuff that I don’t remember anymore too.

I do more clearly remember a part near the end of the night where I was on a southward-facing slope, earlier in the afternoon, and it was winter and snow-covered, and people were sliding down the hill without sleds. It was sort of icy, but smooth, so that you just slid a superb distance. The slope bottomed out at the B&G parking lot, which was still all snow-covered, and I think there was a chairlift base at the bottom or something. Anyway, I slid down and once I got down to the flats I just kept zipping along on my back, next to B&G and then curving around the building and continuing next to Latham St before I finally stopped. That was fun.

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