Only about 6 hours’ worth of dreams last night because I had to get up at 6:15 to have breakfast before an 8:30 road race. IT IS SO FRIGGING GREAT TO BE UP RIGHT NOW ESPECIALLY SINCE IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO GET TO SLEEP. Anyway. I actually remember quite a bit and some of it you may find grippingly odd.

Before I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I’ve forgotten most stuff from then except being in an area of a rock-strewn river that went underneath a big road; I think it was probably a dream version of the Green River, but the rest of the setting wasn’t Williamstown. There were other people there too and we were exploring the river, it would seem.

After I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Oh man, it really picks up here guys. I was at a hotel on a waterfront on a gray day, looking east out over the ocean. The hotel stood alone for buildings, and then right next to it (it was built up on a high concrete wharf) were docks and stuff. Fritz Wetherbee came along with an unwieldy telescope on a swiveling center and almost lugged it right into the water. His hat did fall into the water, and the camera angle changed to a water-surface-level view of same. The hotel was made out of stone and was shaped like a gigantic letter M.

Then I was inside the hotel and it was pretty spartan and cabin-like inside, with the rooms sided and floored with plywood. There were two main rooms, the lobbyish room and a livingish room next to it, and one guy I knew (possibly a high school teacher of mine) sat on the couch and was all “Wow, two living rooms. I wish my house was like that.” C’mon, it’s a gigantic M-hotel, man. Of course it’s gonna have two living rooms.

The hotel had two pairs of staircases, I think, one pair being the main ones, that went up through the sides of the M, and the other pair being ones that went up each side of the V of the M, at the base of which was the lobby. Someone mentioned that these smaller stairs could be pretty claustrophobic (though used a different word that I can’t recall). I started exploring up them and found that on each floor, there was a very low (4′ high or less) opening off the stairwell into the suite there, and there was an antechamber before the bedroom in the suite, which also had a very low ceiling. Agreed; claustrophobic indeed.

I eventually I guess got up to a suite and went into it and needed to take a shower; the tub was right in the room, though it had a curtain (what is with these recent non-private bathroom facilities), and also it was right next to the wall, which had a bunch of windows, and people were parked right outside the windows in cars, and some were definitely looking in the window. (So I guess it was actually a multi-story motel. That must be the cause of the M-shape.) Then people started coming in from the outside, and soon there was a whole gaggle of people in the room. They cleared out after a while, but I noticed it was getting real close to 8:30, which was the start of the road race, and so I had to abrogate my shower and quickly descend the stairs down to the start; that would have to suffice as my warmup, rather than the running of the entire 5K course as a warmup as I had planned to do. As I was leaving, the suite was actually the room of some Williams classmates. Speaking of road races and getting ready for them, I actually need to do that right now, and luckily this narrative is already done.

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