Hey oops! Here I am wanting to go to bed again and I only just now remember to finish writing up my dreams from last night. Here they are. The bulk of what I have remembered has to do with being in different vehicles.

1. I was driving with my mom and I got to a big intersection at which I had to turn left, and it was a darn tough time getting into the left-only lane/box.

2. I was riding in the back seat of the car with my parents in the front and I was holding my aunt’s dog, which was a pug. The pug was quite friendly and licked me on the face.

3. I was riding in the second row of a van with some SMALL people (not small people).

4. I was at a Swiss-like inn with my parents, and at one point there it was nighttime.

5. I was in a parking lot out of the parked car, and my parents were running an errand or something so I pulled over a trailer that needed to be attached to the car all by myself.

6. It was wintry and I was in the Science Quad with sunglasses on because even though it was overcast the snow was really glary and then I went into Clark Hall for the first session of some class that was taught by one of my architecture profs and the classroom looked like the interior of Tunnel City except facing north rather than east and there were rows of computers there too.

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