trails & cabins

I was driving an open truck north on a backwoods road, and there were other people around, including a woman snowshoeing or skiing up the road ahead of me. Someone else directed her to a snowy trail off the road that she was looking for; it led through a stone wall into a field and up a hill, and there were two other similar trails just before it. Then maybe the same road went near a lake and an old man was complaining about his cabin in the woods on the lake that he didn’t want to go to or something but everybody else did, so we proceeded over there. It was off of a westward side road with several houses fairly densely packed together, and then one turned left to get to the old man’s cabin, a gray building with a big porch that I’m almost certain has been recurrent in earlier dreams. Later I think I was in a rustic-ish lodge or something with all these people, which eventually morphed into brunch at a fancier hotel with a bunch of my maternal relatives there (shades of my cousin’s wedding last week). At one point I was in the one-person bathroom at night with the door open and light off brushing my teeth or something and Bill came in to use the bathroom and I sort of called out so he wouldn’t be totally freaked out by discovering me when he turned the light on. Before I woke up I think people were leaving the hotel in the late morning from a big parking lot to the west of the hotel.

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