white pants

1. I went on a run around here (except it was mostly on trails) with a bunch of people, including some fast Keene-area runners. For some reason we all ended up walking a lot of it; I think the trail might have been a rocky streambed there. It was an overcast summery day. (Unlike today IRL: IT IS SO CRISP OUT)

2. I was in a restaurant/tavern/rec-room-like place in a basement with a bunch of friends and other people and there was some kind of arithmetical word problem that I had to have repeated to me multiple times, and I think the answer was $9.68, and Dan helped me out. I was wearing white pants.

3. It was move-in day at Williams and I was living in Prospect again, but checked out East while carrying my bags (since that’s where all of XC is living this year; I saw Tough A moving in, since apparently, like me, he hadn’t actually graduated). I went into the first floor and it was a big library-like room with gray stucco walls and high narrow windows looking out onto the Odd Quad, and also it had a middling number of computer stations. There was a whole line of people going up the stairs back out in the hallway waiting to get into their rooms. I had wanted to be able to walk through East and get into the quad and to Prospect that way, but couldn’t through the library room, so I guess I woke up instead.

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