So first I was in a house, upstairs, that had odd light effects going on somewhere maybe outside and a large yellow bathroom. After that I was going on a hike with my dad and we met up with some of my high school friends and then with some college friends. We were walking on a road, at first 123 west out of Hancock but it transmuted to a northbound road in open country. I realized shortly, with self-directed disgust, that I had entirely forgotten to pack any water. Luckily, there was a firetruck there and it had some extra unopened water bottles and there was also a water cooler outside next to it. For some reason, I stayed in the cab of the firetruck (which eventually seemed to be in front of my garage) and observed as a band of WOOLFies (I think that was their capacity in this, although they were actually people from the class behind me in high school) walked and conga’d around outside and pushed one another into the large mud puddle to the right of the truck. Then they clambered around the truck. After that I got out and noticed that Alan was working at a desk in the ferns right next to the truck and the water cooler actually had coffee in it, as I discovered only upon filling my water bottle (which still had some water in it) with coffee. (Diluted black coffee. Mmmmmmm-licious.) I think maybe the hiking party eventually returned, but I’m not totally sure.

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